Western Saloon Backdrop, General Store, Saloon Girls, and Decorations.  Live steer for photo opportunities, really help make a great fundraiser.


Tropical backdrops, table decorations and neons.  

Sports Bar

Wide variety of activities to keep your guests thoroughly entertained.  

River Boat

Walk-thru Smoke Stack Entryway and Decorations

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Masks, Various Table Decor and Decorations

Las Vegas

    Wide variety of Casino inspired neon’s.


Backdrops, Spotlights, Red Carpet, Velvet Rope and a Walk-thru Star  


  Black Diamond Casino Events is the only source for all of your special talent needs. From keynote speakers to

DJ and Emcee’s

  Black Diamond Casino Events has perfected the art of incorporating a DJ/Emcee into the casino. Using high energy top

Texas hold’em Tournaments

  Black Diamond Casino Events entertains hundreds each year with Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments. With padded vinyl rails and poker

Special Events

  Do you have more of a custom event?  We can help.  Just let us know your specific requirement and

After Prom and Graduation Fun

  Black Diamond Casino Events is proud to support high schools that plan safe and fun activities for their students.